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Swimming Fish Fishbowl

This lifelike fish bowl is a fun desktop conversation piece and is perfect for anyone who wants a pet without the responsibility! Place this classic fishbowl atop the included reef base, add water, dishwashing liquid, and the clown fish. This aquarium uses the magnetic field of the fish and the magnetic field of the moving magnets in the base to create realistic swimming movement. Ideal for your desk at home or at work, this novelty lifelike aquarium toy is sure to add calm, laughs, and entertainment to any environment. Complete with a Lifelike Fish, decorative Fishbowl, realistic Plastic Reef Bowl Base, translucent Aquarium Pebbles to decorate the fishbowl. Fishbowl measures 5" x 4" x 4" and requires 2 AA batteries, (not included). For ages 8 and up..

Catalog code FISHBOWL price $8.95
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