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Redneck Button Keychain


Here's a funny KeyChain for Rednecks and Redneck-Lovers Alike! Well, lets git 'er done and -- ahem, sorry. This hilarious keychain just brings out the redneck in all of us, so it's hard to not get caught up and excited in the lingo and dialect. Press the button on the Redneck Button Keychain to hear 9 funny hillbilly phrases like, "My sister and me would like to invite you to our wedding," "You would be the sexiest thing on earth if you didn't have all those teeth" and "how's about I put on my best red flannet shirt and go out dancin' tonight?" It goes great as a gag gift or a heartfelt 'thank you' to your favorite redneck. Keychain measures 2" x 1" and requires 3 button cell batteries included.

Catalog code KCRNBTN price $4.95
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