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Mr. Predicto the Fortune Telling Ball (Avail 2/28)

THE FORTUNE TELLING TALKING BALL THAT KNOWS YOUR FUTURE - Something you want to know? Just ask Mr. Predicto! His eerily accurate knowledge of the future will make your jaw drop, as he talks back to you to answer your YES or NO question. Fans ofthe original magic 8 ball, ouija board game, and spirit crystal balls will love it! There are 30 possible positive, negative or neutral answers and the mysterious ball comes alive with just a simple wave of your hand. It's so magical, you don't even need to touch it! At 3.6" tall x 3.8" in diameter this plastic ballis so conveniently small and lightweight, you can easily carry it around in your purse or backpack for on-the-go predictions! Instructions and batteries included

Catalog code MRPREDICTO price $15.95
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