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Pirate Insulting Parrot


Yo ho ho! This fine feathered bird has a lot to say and it might just be foul! Place him on your shoulder with the included shoulder strap or place him on his perch and our Pirate will squawk up a storm hurling several insulting remarks like "I'm a pirate parrot out to claim me booty", "Hey wench, show us your tits", "Hey baby, you can host my jolly Rodger anytime", "Bow me down, blow me up, just blow me" and more. He even sings two funny songs "What Do You Do With A Drunken Parrot!" and "Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum." Pirate parrot operates by either pressing the button on the shoulder strap, or flip the switch for motion activation. Any way you show him he'll be great adult fun! Parrot measures 6" high and requires 4 AA batteries (not included). This is not a toy and not suitable for children.

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