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7" Personal Electric Skillet

The Elite Cuisine 7" Electric Skillet is small and compact making it the perfect appliance to bring on camping trips, RV road trips, or for preparing small servings and solitary meals. After cooking, remove the handle from the skillet and clean-up is quick and easy. This mini skillet has all the features of larger skillets but its convenient small size is perfect for scrambling eggs, frying bacon, or making mini pancakes. Additional features include: 32 oz. capacity, cool-touch knob, non-stick cooking surface, small compact size (7" x 7"), adjustable temperature control, removable locking handle and tempered glass lid

Catalog code PESKILL price $15.95

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Collapsible Mini Produce Keeper

Wash and store your produce all in one container with our mini collapsible produce keeper! This produce keeper is uniquely designed to keep fruits and vegetables fresh longer and then collapse for compact storage. The adjustable vents regulate air flow to help the contents stay crisp. Perfect for fruits and vegetables, especially carrots, berries, grapes and herbs. Clear lid for easy identification of contents. Produce storage guide is printed on the front of the container. it also doubles as a colander. This item can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher in either the open or collapsed position. Collapsed measurement 10" long x 5" wide x 1 1/2" high, open measurement 10" long 5" wide x 5 1/2" high. BPA free.

Catalog code CPROK price $12.95

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Collapsible Measuring Cups

Our Collapsible Measuring Cups collapse to ? their original height, saving you storage space and easily fitting in any drawer. Set includes a storage ring to keep drawers organized and cups together. Cups are easy to read with standard and metric measurements. Five piece measuring cup set includes 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup, 3/4 cup, and one cup. Easy to pop out sticky ingredients like brown sugar or peanut butter.Cups are BPA Free. They can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher in either the open or collapsed position.

Catalog code CMCUPS price $9.95

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Collapsible Bucket

Who has room for a bucket? You do with this easy to store collapsible bucket. Made of sturdy silicone, it folds flat, so you can store it in the kitchen, the closet, or anywhere. You won't even know it's there until you need it. Unfolds into a 5 liter bucket. Also bucket has a handy carrying handle. Bucket stands 8" tall x 9 1/2" diameter.

Catalog code CBUCKET price $8.95

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Talking Pocket Watch

Keep the time right at your fingertips with our new talking pocket watch. Analog watch features talking time and alarm, three distinct alarm sounds, audible time and alarm settings and hourly report. Watch also comes with a 14" chain with clip to attach to pocket or belt. Choice of gold or silver tone. Each sold separately. Watch measures approximately 1 1/2" in diameter and requires two batteries 1 CR2016 voice function and 1 SR626SW for analog hands.

Catalog code WAP01 price $36.95

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Little Chick Squeezers

Bring fun and enjoyment to your child's Easter basket. Place our new Little chirping Chick Squeezers along with those other Easter goodies. Give them a squeeze and they chirp and say "Happy Easter. Chicks even have a hang loop to use as ornaments.. They come in assorted colors (our choice please). " Chicks measure 4" and batteries are included.

Catalog code LLCHICK price $5.95

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Eggbert the Artist Animated Plush Bunny

Our new artistically inclined animated bunny, Eggbert, rocks back and forth as he moves his paintbrush in a painting motion. Give his foot a press and Eggbert's egg lights up as he sings a parody of a popular song "What A Wonderful World." What a delightful gift to place in an Easter basket or use as a colorful Easter decoration. Eggbert stands 12" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code EGGBERT price $31.95

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Luvabella Doll

Discover so many real baby surprises with Luvabella! From the moment she opens her eyes and giggles, Luvabella will amaze you with her true-to-life facial expressions and personality! She moves, talks and plays just like a real baby. Through touch and play she affectionately responds to your love! Cover her eyes for a game of peek-a-boo, tickle her tummy and toes to make her giggle, or place a hand on her chest to gently listen to her heartbeat. You can even hold her feet to hear her say "mama" and begin to babble! The more you play with her, the more she'll talk! Her babble will transform into over 100 clear words and phrases! Caring for Luvabella is fun with her four interactive accessories! Use her spoon to feed her and she'll chew with delight! If she's not full, she may ask you for more! After her meal, help Luvabella learn new animal names and sounds with her Lamby toy! If she gets fussy, all she needs is her soother. When it's time to go to bed after a big day of play, lull her to sleep with her bottle. Get to know all of Luvabella's real baby surprises! Bring love home today! Luvabella doll comes along with 1 Removable Dress, 1 set of Removable Bottoms, 1 Removable Bow, 4 interactive accessories: Spoon, Bottle, Soother and Lamby, and instructions. She has brunette hair and requires 4 C batteries (not included). For ages 4 and up.

Catalog code LBDOLL price $100.95

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Perfect Wedge 6-Blade Cutter

Slice small fruits and veggies into 6 wedges in seconds. Our V-shaped stainless steel blades and plunger keep foods centered and even while cutting. Blades are safely located inside the tube. This handy device can be used by pushing food item through the tube or by setting food item on the plunger and pushing the tube down over it. Ideal for potatoes, carrots, zucchinis, cucumbers, mushrooms, strawberries and brussels sprouts. Cutter measures 7" x 5" and dishwasher safe

Catalog code 6CUTTER price $12.95

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Pocket IQ Test

Ever wanted to know your IQ? Discover your score with our fun and revealing Pocket IQ Test. Compact kit contains 2 sets of questions and answers, a scoring system and instructions. Suitable for age 9and up.

Catalog code PKTIQ price $8.95

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Talking Donald Trump Birthday Card

Hear Trump Wish You a Happy Birthday in Trump's REAL VOICE! Give them a Trump Talking Birthday card on their special day and watch them bust out laughing. This is the one card that they'll never throw away. This high-tech audio card features Donald Trump's real voice saying: "I just wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday. I would never say in your case that you're fired, so I'll just say, you're hired!" The card starts playing Trump's voice the moment it is opened. It includes an envelope for quick and easy mailing. Text Written Inside Card: "Your Birthday is Not Fake News." So, if you're a Person looking for a hilarious birthday card that will be treasured forever, the "Trump Talking Birthday Card" is the answer you've been looking for! Card measures 6.75" x 6.75" and batteries are included.

Catalog code HBTRUMP price $9.95

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Voice Recognition Memo Keychain


Technological wonder! Forget pens, pencils and hard to use digital recorders! Our new voice recognition keychain uses your own voice to retrieve recorded information. You can easily retrieve phone numbers, to do list, reminders, thoughts or memos with a simple voice retrieval command. Keychain recognizes 60 memos in four Folders (15 in each folder). There is 12 seconds recordings for each subject/name. Keychain holds 12 minutes of recording time. It is easy to add and delete subject/name by simply following voice prompts. Keychain measures 2" in diameter and requires 3 L1154F batteries included.

Catalog code KCVR price $14.95
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