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Solo V2 Talking Glucometer

Introducing Solo V2 talking blood glucose monitor, that offers a simple and fast way to help manage your blood glucose levels. This fully audible machine requires only a tiny sample size and results are spoken in English or Spanish in only 6 seconds. The Solo V2 will "talk" the user through all set-ups, step-by-step, including audible test results, audible meter status, audible averages, and memory records with date and time. Its repeat button Allows the user to check and hear the last message or test result. Unit can store up to 500 audible test results with date and time, and gives 7, 14, 21, 28, 60, and 90 day audible averages. The Solo V2 FREE software allows simple downloading of test results to your computer helping you and your Diabetes health care professional to track changes in your blood glucose level over time. Starter kit includes; talking unit, control solution, 10 strips, 10 lancets, lancet device, batteries and carrying case.

Catalog code TSOLOM price $45.95
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6-volt Adapter for Talking Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Adapter (6-volt 800 mm) to be used with Talking Arm Blood Pressure Monitor catalog code BPMAB.

Catalog code BPMABA price $7.95

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Talking Jump Rope

Jump right in to fulfilling your New Year's resolution with our new talking digital jump rope. This informative and durable jump rope counts calorie burned, number of jumps, elapsed time and time remaining on workout. Rope will make announcements automatically or you can check your progress simply by pressing the "talk" button. Preset the count down timer for up to 99 minutes to meet your target program. Getting in shape and staying in shape is now made easier with this handy talking jump rope. Rope measures 9.8 feet long and requires 3 AAA batteries (not included). Caution: Please check with your physician before starting any rigorous exercise program.

Catalog code TJUMP price $12.95

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Singing Scrubs Bear


Give this adorable plush bear to anyone in the medical field. She's perfect for a doctor, nurse, hygienist, radiologist, and all other medical professionals! Give her hand a squeeze and her head sways and mouth moves while singing, "I'll Be There." Scrubs bear measures 19" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code SCRUBSB price $23.95

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Prodigy Box of 100 Lancets

Catalog code TGLUCML price $3.50

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Prodigy Lancet Device

Catalog code TGLUCMD price $2.50

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Prodigy Control Solution

Catalog code TGLUCMC price $6.00

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Talking Calorie Counting Pedometer

Now keep track of not only how far you've walked, but also how many calories you've burned. Our new small and compact pedometer offers you a new feature "calorie counting." Whether you're out for a brisk walk, jog or casual stroll, just push a button to hear steps, miles and now calories spoken in a clear audible voice. Other features include: automatic announcement according to pre-programmed intervals and audible mode settings. Its handy clip makes it easy to attach to a pocket or belt. Pedometer measures 2" x 2" and batteries are included.

Catalog code CALPEDOM price $13.95