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Bop It Button Game


The Bop It Button is a game played with a single button that challenges a players mental focus and physical reflexes The object is to follow the audio commands correctly. The commands are Bop It, Don't Bop It, Do Bop It, Do Not Bop It, Now Bop It. Players must obey each command with .5 seconds of it finishing no matter how much time elapses between it's words. If they fail it will play one of 30 classic "fail phrases" from the last 25 years of Bop it. game consists of 25 levels of 100 moves each. At each level new audio clips are unlocked. The audio consists of over 180 sounds and phrases. When a player reaches 2500 they win and hear the classic Bop It Siren sound from the original Bop It. Scoring: The player receives one point for each move completed When a player fails, the score is announced. High Score: To hear the high score, hold down the button for 2 seconds. Continue holding to hear the All Time score - the number of total lifetime moves. Continue holding to hear all the audio that has been unlocked. 25th Anniversary Bonus Edition- Additional Features:-10 additional Guest Voices-10 additional unlock phrases -BONUS MODE to unlock Timer Mode, Whoopie Cushion Mode, and Advanced Level. - Personal congratulatory Inventor's message if you score 2500 and beat the game! Button measures 3.5" x 1.25" tall. and require 2 AAA batteries (included).

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