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CEO The Cheap Executive Officer Talking Doll


Here's a boss that gives new meaning to the word "cheapskate." Press our CEO's hand to hear 12 of the most tight-wad phrases a boss could ever say like "Bonus is that a French word" "The last guy I hired is a complete brown noser. Yep, he's gonna go far here!" "I can't promote you! Who would do all the work?!" "Trust me, you don't really want a window office. The sun, the view, its all very distracting!" "I'm easy to get along with. If you people would only learn to worship me!" "If your idea works, I'll take the credit. If it doesn't, you'll take the blame!" and more. Show him to your boss! You think he'll get the hint? CEO stands 12" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

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