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Olympus Stereo 4GB Digital Recorder

The new Olympus DM-720 digital recorder's talking menu ensures user-friendly access to all of its functions. It incorporates one omni-directional and two directional microphones to faithfully capture fuller, wider stereo sound in any situation. Its compact metal body fits easily into your pocket. Special features include a playback mode where you can optionally skips areas without voices. Another feature automatically modulates the volume of voices so you can clearly hear every word from meeting. Transcription mode adds additional efficiency to playback by automatically resuming play three seconds prior to where the user stopped the recording so they can check the content before proceeding; and then fast forward conveniently skips the silence. With more than 4 GB (1000 hours of recording time), it's unlikely you'll run out of memory. But you can even extend up to 16GB with removable micro SD cards. It plays and records PCM (WAV), MP3 and WMA formats. You can also charge the 2 AAA lithium-ion batteries, which are included, through the USB connection. In the package is one unit, carrying clip, battery and instruction booklet. Unit measures 4" x 1 1/2" x 1/2".

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