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President Donald Trump Fortune Telling Ball

LET DONALD Trump's real voice TELL YOU YOUR FUTURE - Will your future be great again? Just ask President Predicto! His uncanny accurate knowledge of the future will make your jaw drop, as he talks back to you to answer your YES or NO question. ASK PRESIDENT PREDICTO A YES or NO QUESTION & HE'LL SPEAK THE ANSWER - You'll bein awe of President Predicto's mystic powers! There are 25 possible affirmative, negative, or non-committal style answers and the mysterious ball comes alive with just a simple wave of your hand. Ball PLAYS SPOOKY MUSIC, LIGHTS UP and TALKS!! President Predicto is no ordinary magic ball. As you wait to hear his eerie answer, the magical LED lights dance to the spooky music and haunting background sound effects. For best results, turn off the lights. It's so magical, you don't even need to touch it!A unique gift and fun magic game. Instructions and batteries included. Ball measures 3.6" tall and 3.8" in diameter.

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