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Talking Thermostat

The New VIP 3000 is a universal multi-stage talking thermostat that can control most 24 Vac AC and Heating Systems including the newest multi-stage (up to 3 stages of heat and 2 stages of cooling) gas, oil and electric furnaces, air conditioners and heat pump / dual fuel systems with 1 or 2 stage compressors and auxiliary heat. The VIP 3000 has enhanced speech functions including a talking Fan Button (fan on - fan auto), the System Button (heat-off-cool-aux) and optional auto-changeover. The VIP Series of "talking thermostats" combine the latest technology to promote independent living with its verbal setup instructions and verbal announcements of the day, time, room temperature and temperature setting. The VIP is truly a "talking thermostat" that was designed to provide a comfort solution and energy management for senior citizens and persons who are blind, visually impaired or disabled. In addition to the verbal instructions mentioned above, a CD with complete instructions to operate the VIP is included with each thermostat. These instructions are in MP3 and Wave file format and can be listened to using a CD player or computer. A text file is also included that can be listened to using your favorite text to speech software. The unit comes with a - Product reliability which carries a Five Year Warranty.

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