We pride ourselves in selecting a reasonable and practical shipping method for you. We ship US Post Office Priority Mail for small packages. This normally takes between  2 to 4 days. For larger packages we ship FeX ground and your package should arrive in about a week.

If you need faster shipping please give customer service
(800-248-9965 option 4) a call between 9AM - 5PM PST.

Shipping charges are calculated 
by our shopping cart according to this table:

 For orders up to $10.00 the charge is  $5.50
For orders from 10.01 to 15.00 the charge is 6.50
 For orders from 15.01 to 20.00 the charge is 7.50
 For orders from 20.01 to 30.00 the charge is 8.50
 For orders from 30.01 to 40.00 the charge is 9.50
 For orders from 40.01 to 50.00 the charge is 10.50
 For orders from 50.01 to 60.00 the charge is 11.50
For orders from 60.01 to 80.00 the charge is 13.50
For orders from 80.01 to 100.00 the charge is 15.50
 For orders $100.01 and above the charge is $16.50
Please note Orders shipped outside the United States may carry an additional shipping cost. 
To check for additional shipping charges for international orders, please use the following form:
Order on-line or call 800-248-9965