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Spook Jr. the Spinning Ghost

Don't hesitate to call on this plush, spooky pal for loads of Halloween fun. Squeeze his hand and Spook the Ghost spins around while singing "Ghost Busters." He makes a great Halloween friend to bring out every season. Spook stands 10" tall and requires 3 AAA batteries included.

Catalog code HSPOOKJR price $21.95

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Simpson Talking Pen


Doh! Your favorite Simpson characters are now featured on these hilarious pens. press the button on Homer, Bart, Apu and Krusty pen to hear 5 phrases in each of the character's own voice. Great for school, home or office. Pen measures 6" long and batteries included.

Catalog code SIMPEN price $6.95

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Christmas Betty Boop


Bring a little Boop-oop-a-doop on Christmas day with our plush Betty Boop doll. Give her a press and she sways her hips from side-to-side in her plush Christmas box and Pudgy wags his jingle bell tail. She sings her own sexy Betty Boop version of "Santa Baby." Bring her out every year for a fun Betty Boop holiday! Christmas Betty Boop stands 13" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code XBETTYB price $39.95

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Singing Addams Family Morticia Plush

Gather the gang together to sing along with our new 13" Singing plush Morticia. Just squeeze Morticia's hand and sing along with the well-known "Addams Family theme song". Bring her out every Halloween season. Morticia requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code MORTICIA price $25.95

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Uncle Fester Runner

Hurry! Catch him if you can! Our new 9" tall Uncle Fester runs around while the "Addams Family theme song" plays. Great Halloween fun for the whole family. Uncle Fester requires 3 AAA batteries included.

Catalog code HRRFEST price $29.95

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Addams Family Squeezer

For fams of the loved Addams Family TV show, our Addams Family Squeezers are fun to squeeze and collect. Just squeeze one of the four plush characters, Fester, Wednesday,, Pugsley and Lurch to hear the Addams Family theme song. Each measure approximately 6" tall and batteries are included. Each sold separately. Collect them all!

Catalog code HADDAM01 price $8.95

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Nurse Betty Boop


Now you can give a little Boop-oop-a-doop to help a loved one feel better with this super-duper animated cartoon sweetheart! 14" Nurse Betty Boop™ standing in her oversized nurse bag, is here with a song of cheer and advise! Simply give her hand a press and she dances and spins while singing, "Button Up Your Overcoat." Song is sung by the official voice of Betty Boop™, Sandy Fox. Nurse Betty Boop requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code BETTYBN price $39.95

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Graduation Betty Boop


Graduation Betty Boop is holding the key to success. Give her hand a press and her body rotates and hips sway, while singing an original song, followed by "Happy Graduation To You." Great graduation gift for any grad! Betty stands 14" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code BETTYBG price $39.95

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Talking Jumbo 17" Maggie Simpson Plush

It's rare, and no, it's not always perfect English, but Maggie Simpson speaks! Give her hand a squeeze and she'll speak as best she can. She's the youngest child of Homer and Marge Simpson. Maggie Simpson stands a full 17" tall and would make a great display collectible for any Simpson enthusiast. Collect all of the characters from this hilariously funny dysfunctional clan. Maggie requires 2 AA batteries included.

Catalog code TMAGIE price $59.95

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Disney Frozen Talking Bean Plush

These Frozen talking plush come to life as they say their iconic phrases from the movie! Give each plush bean filled doll a squeeze to hear Anna speak 6 phrases like: "I never knew winter could be so beautiful" "Oops sorry I'm sorry" "But lucky you it's, it's just me". Elsa speak 5 phrases like: "Give me my glove" "I am your queen" "I just want to find my sister". Olaf speak 6 phrases like: "Hands down this is the best day of my life""I'm not going anywhere" and more. Each character sold separately! Collect them all! Each measure 8" tall and require 3 button cell batteries included.

Catalog code DFBB01 price $9.95
 item is on sale Was $14.95 .... now $9.95

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Talking Jumbo 23" Lisa Simpson Plush

Here's a new way to bug your friends and neighbors_ a talking Lisa Simpson! Give her hand a press and Lisa, the know it all daughter of Homer and Marg, will make several "lesson for you to learn" comments. She measures 23" tall and requires 2 AA batteries included.

Catalog code TLISA price $59.95

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Talking Jumbo 31" Marg Simpson Plush

Need a reminder that your life is a mess and you need to clean up your act? Then you need a talking Marge Simpson! Featuring the mother you always sensed was a bit too good for the Simpsons bunch. Give her hand a press and Marg speaks several of her motherly comments. She stands a great 31" tall which makes her great as a collectible display piece. Don't wait! Collect all of the hilariously funny dysfunctional family. Marg requires 2 AA batteries included.

Catalog code TMARG price $59.95