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Simpson Talking Pen


Doh! Your favorite Simpson characters are now featured on these hilarious pens. press the button on Homer, Bart, Apu and Krusty pen to hear 5 phrases in each of the character's own voice. Great for school, home or office. Pen measures 6" long and batteries included.

Catalog code SIMPEN price $6.95

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Talking Boxing Trump Pen

A boxing pen that comes ready to fight! Each arm extends at the push of a button. Punch individually or both at the same time. Whether lambasting reporters over fake news, chastising political opponents, or just working to drain the swamp, Trump puts up his dukes and is ready to take on the world. Although his hands are small, this fight is sure to be "Huuuge"! Pen speaks 8 phrases like "You're fired" "Don't touch the hair" "I'm gonna build a wall" "Make America great again" "My IQ is huge" and more.

Catalog code BXTRUMPP price $6.95

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Indubitably Talking Pen Glasses

Do you find your writing is not as sophisticated as you would like? Does putting pen to paper frighten you? Fret no more with our humorous talking pen. Let this bespectacled genius guide you to literary greatness. Writer?s block be damned. Nerds of all ages can appreciate the Big Bang Theory like kitsch of this astute looking pen. Press the button and hear the term "Indubitably"! You will no doubt be enlightened.

Catalog code INDPEN price $7.50

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Emoji Farting Pen


PUSH HIS HEAD TO HEAR HIM let out 5 different poopy and fartysounds. Imagine being able to fart at the click of a pen! That's what Emoji Poop Pen does, but without the stinky butt! No wonder he's smiling. He's always blowing off funny farts to make everyone laugh! If you love texting friends with smiley poop emojis, you'll love blasting them with these real fart sounds!

Catalog code EMPPEN price $12.95

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Talking Donald Trump Pen


The Greatest Presidential Talking Pen God Ever Created! When you play this hilarious Donald Trump Talking Pen for friends and family, you'll be the center of attention. Just like Donald! Simply press down on his famous hair and he'll tell you exactly how to make America great again! This highly collectible Donald Trump Talking Pen features a beautifully sculpted head that captures "The Donald" in all his glory. The pen says 8 different lines in Trump's real voice like, "I will be the greatest President that God ever created.""Look - I'm REALLY rich." "I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.""I don't wear a toupee. It's my hair. I swear."and more. Each pen comes with replaceable batteries included.

Catalog code TRUMPP price $14.95

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Hillary Laughing Pen


Delightful or Frightful? Make Friends and Family Laugh out Loud With This HILLarious Novelty Talking Pen!! Whether you're a Democrat or Republican, show your support or sarcasm in the upcoming 2016 presidential election with the funniest political gift ever made! Love her or hate her, the HILLARY LAUGHING PENTM will have everyone in stitches! Includes a collection of genuine Hillary Clinton laughs, digitally recorded from real TV interviews. We challenge you to keep a straight face when you press the top of the pen and the motorized mouth of the look-a-like pen moves in sync with every giggle and guffaw of the potential next president. Every pen comes with replaceable batteries, meaning the laughs won't stop evenwhen the votes are in!

Catalog code HILLPEN price $14.95

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Spyro Gyro Motorized Stylus Pen & Activity Book

Taking art and pattern making to a whole new level! The Spyro Gyro pen is an artistic motorized stylus that creates three different shapes (square, circles and triangles) in a seamless transition from small to big and back again. The harder you push down on the stylus, the smaller the shapes. Release the pressure and the shapes get bigger. The Spyro Gyro Activity Book is 48 pages of fun, art and three-dimensional-appearing illustrations! There are simple techniques for making incredible works of art and introduced fun applications like creating greeting cards, picture frames, stylizing custom letters and logos, making wild Mardi-Gras masks and more! Set includes 48 page activity book, nine ink colors, three interchangeable shapes (styluses), one AA battery and the incredible Spyro Gyro Motorized Pen.

Catalog code SGMPEN price $19.95

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The Blah Pen


Just like our hilarious Blah Button the Blah Pen is a funny gag gift that recites 12 different vocal variations of the phrase "Blah, Blah, Blah!" This fun toy is perfect for use when the need arises to put non-stop talkers, "know it alls" and pathological liars in their place. Just press the button to hear 12 unique Blah phrases in different vocal tones and styles.Whether buying for yourself, a co-worker, family member or just one of your friends; the Blah Pen is a funny gift that's designed to say it like it is: "Blah, Blah Blahhh!" Pen comes in assorted colors (our choice please). It measures approximately 6" long and batteries are included.

Catalog code BLAHPEN price $6.95