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World's Tiniest Harmonica Keychain

Music on the go! Whether beginner or pro, this tiniest harmonica packs loads of fun for all! A real working harmonica made with sturdy metal cover and base plates and plays in the key of C. Fun real instrument at your fingertips on a handy keychain. Comes in assorted colors (our choice please). Harmonica measures 1 1/2" x 1". For ages 6 and up.

Catalog code WTHARM price $6.95

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Water From A Stone

Keep your plants perfectly watered! Water From A Stone slowly lets water out into your planter over the course of 3-4 days. A useful addition to any gardener's home. Made from hand-blown glass. Holds 7oz (207ml) of water. Instructions are:1. Remove the cork and fill the stone with clean water and replace the cork.2. Turn over and test to make sure water is coming out of the water release hole.3. Place the stone in your planter with the cork facing down.4. Make sure the stone is placed on a level surface with the water release hole not obstructed. Incorrect set-up will lead the water flowing out too fast or not at all.5. Once the stone is in place tap it a few times to make sure water is flowing, the bubbles rising from the water release means water is flowing properly.

Catalog code WATERFAS price $20.95

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Maze Gift Card Holder

MAKE GETTING A GIFT CARD MORE FUN! Rollthe metal ball through the maze to open the gift card holder!? PERFECTLY SIZED Gift card holder maze works with all types of gift cards. NOT JUST FOR GIFT CARDS You can also use this gift card holder for stowing cash! REUSABLE Gift card holder can be closed and used again and again! Pass along the fun or give it again to a special person. Holder measures 5.5" X 3.3" X 0.6".

Catalog code GCMAZE price $5.95

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Christmas Tangled Tabby

Give our orange and white tabby's foot a squeeze and Christmas Tangled Tabby dances in a circle. As she turns, she sings the classic Christmas song "Rockin Round the Christmas Tree". Bring her out every year for lots of holiday fun! Tangled Tabby stands 9" tall and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code XTTABBY price $24.95

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Yodeling motion Sensor Christmas Pickle Ornament

Of course it's lucky, finding a pickle is always good luck. Some families put a pickle on their tree on Christmas Eve, and the child who finds it first the next morning gets a year of luck. While some say the Germans came up with this tradition, people in Germany have never heard of it. Let's not let the implausibility of a tradition prevent us from having fun with it. Our plastic Lucky Yodelling Christmas Pickle Ornament is not a only sanitary alternative to an actual pickle, it is also equipped with a motion detector that goes off whenever someone gets within about three feet of it. Its handy hang loop will allow you to set up the ornament near the presents to act as an alarm when someone snoops. Buy a bunch of them and you'll have a chorus of yodels whenever someone walks past your tree. Pickle has an on/off switch. It measures 4 1/2" and batteries are included.

Catalog code XPICKLE price $14.95

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Animated Motion Sensor Laughing Skeleton Candy Dish

You'll have fun when you treat your unsuspecting Halloween guests and visitors with this creepy candy bowl. The laughing skeleton lights up and speaks spooky phrases every time someone reaches for candy. Place it on a table to delight partygoers and trick-or-treaters. The motion-activated skeleton figure boasts glowing red eyes and a moving jaw for a fun and spooky effect. Candy dish measures 10 1/4" x 11" and requires 3 AA batteries included.

Catalog code HLSCANDYD price $29.95

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Social Distancing Keychain

Make social distancing fun with this keychain! When someone comes within six feet of you this handy keychain will alert you with a sonar sound to remind them to take a step back and socially distance! Keychain measures 1" x 1 1/2" x 1/2" and requires 3 LR44 batteries included.

Catalog code KCSOCD price $12.95

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Paws For Prayer Bunny (Avail Nov.)

This adorable, plush bunny makes a perfect gift for a child's room or shower gift. Put our 10" bunny magnetic hands together and her cheeks light up as she sings "ThisLittle Light Of Mine". Not only will your child love it, you'll love it too.Bunny requires 3 AAA batteries included.

Catalog code PFPBUNNY price $24.95

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World's Tiniest Voice Changer

The World's Tiniest Voice Changer is the perfect size for the office. Creep out your friend in the next cubicle. You can go undercover with 4 distinct tones to hide your voice so you can deliver that secret message. Voice Changer measures 2" x 3" x 3" and requires 1 LR44 battery included. For ages 3 years and up.

Catalog code WTVOICE price $6.95

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World's Tiniest Tool Kit

For those quick fix-it jobs whether at home or on the go, our World's Smallest Tool Kit is the perfect kit to have on hand! Kit includes (2) Screw Drivers, (1) Tape Measure, and Mini Tool Box with keychain clip. Never get caught without the right tool again!

Catalog code WTTOOLK price $5.95

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World's Tiniest Walkie Talkies

The World's tiniest Walkie Talkies are ideal for your little investigators. Kid-sized yet totally high-tech, these walkie talkies can be used to talk or to exchange morsecode (instructions included), depending on just how secretive they want to be! With the power to penetrate walls, floors, steel, and even concrete, these kids walkie talkie radios have a range up to 150 feet. Antennas are flexible for pocket portability.Includes 2 World's Tiniest Walkie Talkies. Button cell batteries included! For ages 6 to Adult.

Catalog code WTWALKT price $11.95

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World's Tiniest Space Blaster w/Lights (Set of 2)

Give your space crusader this fun set of 2 blasters to maintain world peace. Each time you pull back on the trigger this pint-size gun lights up and makes 8 different sound effects. Great fun for all those space adventures! Space blaster measures 3" long x 2" high x 1/2" wide. For ages 4 and up

Catalog code WTLASERG price $6.95