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The Potty Piano

Play a jingle while you tinkle! The Potty Piano is a wrap-around musical mat that fits just about any standard toilet. Its great for the "regular" musician in your family. Even better, it comes with a hilarious songbook to get things moving. great for slaying boredom on the pot.

Catalog code POTTYP price $24.95

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2 in 1 Musical Jam Playmat


Become a one man jam band in a matter of minutes with this incredible multi-faceted synthesizer. Our 2-in-1 Music Jam Playmat comes with 5 drum set sounds, 4 built-in drum melodiesand a built in amplifier for your portable CD/MP3 player. 24-key keyboard features recording capabilities, adjustable volume, 8 different keyboard instruments and 14 built-in melodies. This incredible electronic multi-faceted synthesizer floor mat includes a keyboard,drum set with drumsticks, and have pre-set melodies for interactive play. Includes drumsticks and headphone/microphone jack so you can sing along. Playmat measures 18 1/2" x 13" and requires four AA batteries (not included). For ages 5 and up

Catalog code JAMMAT price $29.95