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Small Cereal Saver

Store a small box of cereal or up to two11 oz granola bags by using our new Small silicone Cereal Saver. With its Contoured grip and wide spout for easy one-handed pouring and Airtight silicone seal, our cereal saver helps keep ingredients fresher longer. Saver includes clear Measurement markings up to 6 Cups (1.5 qt(1.4 L) approx. capacity. Also perfect for storing nuts.

Catalog code SCSAVER price $16.95

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Large Cereal Saver

Store a family size box of cereal by using our new Large silicone Cereal Saver. With its Contoured grip and wide spout for easy one-handed pouring and Airtight silicone seal, our cereal saver helps keep ingredients fresher longer. Saver includes clear Measurement markings up to 18 Cups 4.5 qt (4.25 L) approx. capacity. Also

Catalog code LCSAVER price $27.95

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Coffee Saver

Hold 24 oz ground or 22 oz whole bean coffee by using our new Coffee silicone Saver container.Our tinted UV-blocking container keeps coffee fresh and preserves flavor. Comes with a Removable Magnetic 1 tablespoon StainlessSteel Coffee Scoop which stores in the lid. Its airtight Silicone Seal helps keep coffee fresher longer. Measurement markings up to 8 Cups 2 qt (1.89 L) approx. capacity.

Catalog code COFFEESVR price $19.95

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On-The-Go Soap Sheets

No Soap? No Problem. Get squeaky clean in a snap with water soluble soap sheets! Formulated with natural lavender and plant extracts, our travel-sized soap sheets wash away dirt and grime in seconds. Each unit includes a refillable pocket-size case with 40 sheets, plus a storage box of 60 bonus sheets. Great for public restrooms, events and festivals, camping, cookouts, parks, and travel. Suitable for use on hands and body for a good clean feeling whenever you need it!

Catalog code SOAPSHEET price $6.95

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Wind Writer Fan Pen

Make writing a breeze! Ballpoint pens include a low-noise cooling fan, with a convenient clip accessory and easy on-off switch. Three AAA batteries included! Keep your cool in the office and on-the-go. Pens comes in assorted colors (our choice please).

Catalog code FANPEN price $6.95

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Extendable Back Scratcher (avail June5th)

Instant itch relief...within your reach! Comfortable cushion-grip handle that extends to 22" to reach upper & lower back.Handle retracts for compact storage. They'll be itching to get it! Comes in assorted colors (our choice please).

Catalog code BEARCLAW price $6.95

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Collapsible silicone Lunch Container (avail. July,)

Pantry-approved collapsible for the perfect meal on-the-go! This store-flat silicone meal container holds over 3 cups of food and includes a reusable snap-in fork/spoon utensil. Sure-fit lid keeps food fresh and secure for lunches, leftovers and late night snacking. BPA-free & FDA-approved. Also dishwasher & microwave safe. Collapsible design instantly saves storage space. Pop - fill - go!

Catalog code CLUNCH price $7.95

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Alphabet Wheelie

Lets learn and play with Alphabet Wheelie! This adorable, plush school bus lights up and bops around to the songs "ABC Song" and "Wheels on the Bus." Makes a wonderful baby shower gift! Bus Measures 6.5" H x 5" W x 8" L. and requires 3 AAA batteries included. For ages 12 months plus.

Catalog code ABCWHEELIE price $27.95

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Stack the Carrots Game

This great game is a carrot patch of fun for adults and kids alike. Using one hand only, each player removes a carrot from the stack and places it on the top. The last player to place a carrot without toppling the stack wins! A classic game that calls for serious carrot stacking skills. Features: Wooden game pieces; Packaged in an illustrated gift box; For one or more players. For ages 1 to 9.

Catalog code STACKTC price $33.50

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The Potty Piano

Play a jingle while you tinkle! The Potty Piano is a wrap-around musical mat that fits just about any standard toilet. Its great for the "regular" musician in your family. Even better, it comes with a hilarious songbook to get things moving. great for slaying boredom on the pot fully functioning...

Catalog code POTTYP price $24.95

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Poop Boxer Fighter Pen

Jump into the ring with the famous Poop Boxer and unleash his lightning-fast farty fists of fury! Just push the levers on the back of this pen for punches that are guaranteed a knockout! This ultimate toy is the ideal gift for anyone who loves poop emojis - ???????????? - Just like our Farting Poop Emoji Pen, the Poop Boxer Fart Fighter makes hilarious fart sounds, enough to make the most serious of your family members crack a smile. Plus, if that wasn't enough, he's also talking and makes fighting sounds, just like the kind from an action movie! You'll get a different sound with every push of a lever. Just take a look at the Poop Boxer Fighter Pen and try to pretend that he's not a Poop Boxing Champion! Between his red boxing gloves and WPC (World Poop Champion) Championship Belt, he's always ready to face an opponent in or out of the ring. This pen makes a great party favor, gag gift, or, of course, just a fun pen to have around the home, school, or office! Fight through all the farts for hours upon hours of laughter as the Poop Boxer blasts out fart after fart with none of the nasty smells! This is all thanks to the included long-lasting, replaceable batteries to power endless rounds of poop battles. Fart Fighter pens come with a Lifetime Warranty to keep your fart battles going for as long as you want!

Catalog code POOPBOXER price $14.95

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Talking English/Spanish Oximeter

Know your blood oxygen concentration and heart rate painlessly and in seconds! Pulse Oximeters have been used in hospitals but they were sold for over $325. Now this high-quality, medical grade, pulse oximeter is affordable and available to anyone concerned about Pulmonary Disease, asthma, and congestive heart failure. The technology is noninvasive ... two red LED lights of different frequencies are transmitted into the tissues of the finger. Features: Large LCD display with red digital readout, speaks in English or Spanish, speaks heart rate, speaks blood oxygen Level and requires 2 AAA battery (not included).

Catalog code BLOXIM price $39.95